Big Wave Coogee, 104cm x 62cm, oil & acrylic on linen, 2016 sold

Many of my wave paintings like this one are based on photographs that I take with a small waterproof camera while swimming. This one makes the Coogee SLSC clubhouse appear to be threatened by a big wave. As I was making this painting a few weeks after I took the photo there was an intense low pressure system off the east coast of Sydney and big waves caused one of the clubhouse walls to collapse.

Afternoon Shorebreak at Scarborough, 153cm x 80cm, oil & acrylic on linen, 2015- sold

I’ve been asked why so many of these pictures have the vertical and horizontal drips running through them. Firstly, it’s a pictorial device, it makes the work more interesting to me and allows me to introduce more colour. I often paint from my photographs but I’m not trying to paint my photographs. On another level, it allows me to suggest the forces that bring about change in a landscape- water, gravity and heat over time. Everything is in a state of flux, nothing remains the same and anyone who goes to a beach on a regular basis can’t help but notice.